Farm Property Insurance

Years ago, the barn represented the center and livelihood of a family farm. Farming operations have changed since then, but your investment in farm buildings, property, and livestock continues. That’s why we offer farm property insurance, available through your farm and county mutual. It’s called the FarMate Farm Property Insurance policy because it’s flexible to match your needs. Coverages protect your home and household property as well as your farm buildings and farm personal property.

FarMate Farm Property Insurance Coverages

* Dwelling

* Household personal property

* Additional living expense/loss of rents

* Farm building

* Scheduled and unscheduled farm personal property

* Optional coverages

Additional Farm Property Insurance Coverages

* Debris removal

* Emergency removal of a property

* Necessary repairs after a loss

* Construction of new buildings

* Farm implements coverage due to building collapse

* Equipment breakdown

* Unharvested farm produce or grain

Optional Farm Property Insurance Coverages

* Comprehensive machinery coverage

* Farm extra expense

* Glass breakage – farm machinery

* Leased or rented farm buildings

* Peak season

* Pollution clean up and removal