Farm Equipment Insurance

Innovation and a strong work ethic are values that have been passed down through generations of farming families. They are vital to your farming operation’s success. We believe in them too. That’s why as farming technology advances, we’re offering affordable equipment breakdown coverage with our farm policies.
Farm Equipment insurance can pay for equipment repair or replacement, lost business income, perishable good and related expenses. It’s how we protect your investment toward innovation.

Farm Equipment Insurance Coverages

* Electrical distribution systems

* Boilers and pressure vessels

* Heating, cooling systems

* Refrigeration systems

* Business computers

* Deep well pumps and motors

* Center pivot irrigation equipment

* Emergency generators

* Grain dryers

* Milking machines

* Ventilation fans

* Bulk milk storage tanks

* Mechanized feed, waste, and egg handling equipment

* GPS units

* Heating, air conditioning, hot water heater, and major household appliances within the farm dwelling